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What’s Happening at the MCC During the Champs?

The Melbourne Chess Club is close to the venue for the Australian Championship and Reserves, and we invite players to take the time to visit the club.


Marcus Raine will have his bookstall in operation for most of the event.

Tuesday night will see the weekly blitz tournament.

The Saturday Allegro tournaments rarely stop.

In the club’s 150th year, please feel free to pay a visit to the home of Australia’s oldest surviving chess club.

Championship Deadline Expired

The Deadline for entries to the Australian Championship expired yesterday.  There are currently 34 entries (2 GM’s and 14 IM’s) to the top tier event, with some others under consideration. The ACF will decide on these applications to play in the Championship over the next week.


The Reserves tournament is also shaping up to be a very strong event, with a good size field of well over 100 already registered. Entries for the Reserves will not close until January 2nd when the tournament capacity has been reached.

Last Chance for the Championship

The deadline for entries to the Australian Championship close on 10th December 2015. This is the last chance for those wishing to enter.

The Championship is already looking strong with 2 Grandmasters and 11 International Masters and is packed with Australia’s young talent.

The field includes 4 ex-champions.

Defending champion, and number 1 on the ACF list, IM Max Illingworth.

6 times Australian Champion, GM Darryl Johansen.

2008 Champion, and 6 times Grand Prix winner, IM Stephen Solomon.

3 times Champion, winner of the 2014 Reserves tournament, the Evergreen FM Doug Hamilton!


The Early Bird Discount runs out on November 30th. Entries received after that will be liable to the full price. The price for the next 4 days is $150, but after that it will be $170 for both Championship and Reserves events.

Any players who want to be considered for the Championship, will still need to enter by November 30th if they want their discounted fee.

There is still 2 weeks left to enter the Championship, with the cut off date 10th December. IM Anton Smirnov is the latest entry to the Championship.

The Reserves tournament deadline is 2nd January, or when the player limit has been reached. There are already about 80 players signed up for the Reserves tournament, and the total for all tournaments has reached 100!


Enter tournaments here.

See the current entries list here.

150 Years of History

As the Championships approaches the 75th entrant it’s a good time to remind everyone that the hosts of the 2016 Australian Chess Championships, The Melbourne Chess Club, will be celebrating it’s 150th birthday in 2016.

The MCC is one of the oldest continuously running clubs in the World, and is certainly the oldest in the southern hemisphere. Formed in 1866, just 12 years after America’s oldest club, the San Francisco Mechanics Institute, and only 57 after the oldest club in the World, the Zurich Schachgesellschaft.

This will be a huge summer of chess at MCC with a number of events planned. We’re hoping for a big turn out at the 2016 Australian Championship to help us start the birthday celebrations in style.

You have 11 days of discounted entry left to join Australia’s biggest chess birthday celebration party!

Early Bird Discount Reminder!

There are only 2 weeks to go if you want to take advantage of the early bird discount which runs until November 30th 2015.

Currently there are nearly 70 players registered out of the 240 limit.

The Championship has moved into double figures with reigning  champion, Max Illingworth the highest rated player on the ACF list.Meanwhile the Reserves has an international flavour to it with 7 countries already represented in the field of almost 50 players.

ari dale
Australian Champs 2016, tell your friends about it!




Red Triangle

Chess Players in Melbourne know the Red Triangle as an iconic venue welcoming chess players to its pool and snooker halls. Tino Fulgenzi of the Red Triangle has generously offered the use of his club after the blitz tournament on 8th January to run a pool tournament. The tournament will be directed by Tino himself, and will be for pairs, though anyone is welcome to turn up and will be paired on the day.


Red Triangle Chess Doubles Pool Tournament:


Entry Fee $5 per player

There will be a prize for the winning team

Start time: 6 pm 8th January 2016 (expected finish 8.30-9.00 pm)

Entries close at 5.45 pm on January 8th

Enter on the day, and telephone entries are accepted (9419 7330)

Venue: Red Triangle, 110 Argyll Street, Fitzroy (10 minutes walk from Melbourne Chess Club)


We hope many people will take the chance to relax here, and have some fun. A Championship Chess Tournament is a great event, but it is very often other activities around the tournament which make it something special.

GM Participation

Entries to the Australian Championship and Reserves are beginning to pick up now. In the Championship, the first GM level player, Russian Vasily Papin has entered. IM Kanan Izzat, resident in Melbourne, but from Azerbaijan has also entered the event.


The Early Bird fee runs until the end of November, and the deadline for entries to the Championship is December 10th 2016. The deadline for the Reserves is 2nd January or when the tournament is full. The tournament limit is 240 players.


To enter the event, go to our Entry Page.

Important Dates

Time passes quickly, so it is worthwhile remembering a number of important dates in the countdown to the 2016 Australian Championship.


Closing Date for Entries to the Championship: 10th December 2015


Closing Date of Entries to the Reserves: On the day 2 January 2016, or when the tournament reaches its limit.


Closing Entry for the Blitz: On the day 8 January 2016, or when the tournament reaches its limit


Early Bird Registration Fee: 30 November 2015


The MCC is keen for nobody to miss out, so please put these dates in your calendar if you intend to play and we look forward to seeing you all at the 2016 Australian Championships!

Generous Donations

Australian chess is fortunate to have some very generous individuals in it’s community. A very generous donation of $400 was given to the prize fund of the 2016 Australian Championships by an anonymous friend of the MCC.


The sponsor has allocated two $200 prizes to be awarded as slow starter prizes in both the Championship and the Reserves tournament. The winners will be the player who scores the best score in the final 5 rounds of the tournament who otherwise does not win a prize.


And another anonymous donor has offered $175 to be awarded as ratings prizes in the blitz championship