Entry process

Championship entries close: 10 December 2015
Reserves entries close: 2 January 2016 (or when tournament is full)

Early bird close: 30 November 2015 (must be paid in full)
Tournament limit: 240 players (Championship + Reserves)
Blitz limit: 110 players
Entry list: 2016.chesschampionship.org.au/entries
Register: https://mcc.enter.services/2016-tournaments/australian-chess-championships

You should enter using the online registration process. If this is not possible please contact the Chief Organiser.

It is important that you register before the close date, otherwise you risk missing out.

Pay later

For whatever reason, you may choose to complete the online registration and pay later. If you choose this option then you must pay in full before the Early bird close date to be eligible for the early bird discount.

If you do choose this option then you will have to read the payment options for how to pay later, as credit card payment will no longer be available.

Reserves/Championship eligibility

Please note you do not have control over whether or not you play in the Championship or Reserves event. The final decision is made by the ACF selection panel.

You may make your application contingent on being selected to play in a specific event.

If you want to be considered for a discretionary entry into the Championship then please indicate this in the ‘Special Instructions’ field in the entry form.

Please refer to dedicated page on eligibility for more information:


All players are subject to selection from the ACF Council. Players who apply unsuccessfully to entry in the Championship can have their entry refunded.

International players

If you are an International player and your FIDE is less then 2250 then you may apply to the Reserves tournament using the online entry form. If it is deemed that your playing strength is less than 2150 ACF you will be accepted into the Reserves.

If you are an International player and your FIDE is 2250 or more than you will have to send us email to request to play. You may not use the online form, as your entry will be rejected and payment refunded. Final selection for the Championship is not made until the 15th December 2015 and the Championship has a limit of 4 foreign players, which means your application may be rejected.

Late entries

It is possible to join the Blitz after the Entry close date.

It is not possible to join the Championship after the Entry close date.

It may be possible to join the Reserves after the Entry close date, but only if you would not have been considered eligible for the Championship event. We have to refer each request to enter late to ACF selection committee for approval. Please contact the Chief Organiser if you wish to join after the Close date.


If you want the pre paid accommodation package then please select this as part of your registration process. The Chief Organiser will be in contact with you about this after you register. Read more about the accommodation package here:


2016 MCC Membership Offer

Melbourne Chess Club is offering a $15 discount on 2016  club memberships as part of the registration process. MCC hold 9 FIDE rated long play events each year and weekly Allegro tournaments. If you are not already a member this is a great way to experience Melbourne Chess Club’s 150 years celebration year at a discounted rate.

Entry Review

Please review your registration entry status here:


Please note that the ACF Selection committee reserve the right to place you into either the Reserves or Championships. The entry list may be subject to change.