Please refer to dedicated page on eligibility:


Unfortunately we do not have the resources to look after children. If your child is playing could you please make sure that there is a responsible adult and that we know their contact details.

Championship and Reserves

FIDE Rules of Chess will apply. Please respect the arbiters decision. Non compliance may mean that you are forfeited for the game. Serious non-compliance may mean that you are removed from the tournament hall or even withdrawn from the tournament.

Time Controls

Championships & Reserves: 90 minutes for 40 moves , then a further 30 Minutes + 30secs/move from move 1

Forfeit time

Half an hour from the scheduled start time.

Half point byes

There are no half point byes available for any round of the Championship. In the Reserves you may take up to one half point bye up until round 6. No half point bye’s are available after Round 6.

Mobile phones

You may not have a mobile phone on you or your table, or in your bag next to your. If your mobile phone goes off, or you get caught with a mobile phone on you during your game then you will be forfeited.

The arbiter or organiser will provide a storage facility for your mobile phone if you accidentally bring it.

Spectators must also have their mobile phones off, otherwise they risk being removed from the tournament hall.


If 2 or more players are tied for first, a Playoff will be held.


Disputes will be handled by the arbiter, or the organising committee.


The Blitz is ACF and FIDE rated.

The tournament will be governed by the FIDE rules of chess and blitz chess

Time control: 5 Minutes, no increment
Forfeit time: When clock runs down
Playoffs: In the event of a tie, there will be a Playoff
Disputes: Arbiters decision is final