Red Triangle

Chess Players in Melbourne know the Red Triangle as an iconic venue welcoming chess players to its pool and snooker halls. Tino Fulgenzi of the Red Triangle has generously offered the use of his club after the blitz tournament on 8th January to run a pool tournament. The tournament will be directed by Tino himself, and will be for pairs, though anyone is welcome to turn up and will be paired on the day.


Red Triangle Chess Doubles Pool Tournament:


Entry Fee $5 per player

There will be a prize for the winning team

Start time: 6 pm 8th January 2016 (expected finish 8.30-9.00 pm)

Entries close at 5.45 pm on January 8th

Enter on the day, and telephone entries are accepted (9419 7330)

Venue: Red Triangle, 110 Argyll Street, Fitzroy (10 minutes walk from Melbourne Chess Club)


We hope many people will take the chance to relax here, and have some fun. A Championship Chess Tournament is a great event, but it is very often other activities around the tournament which make it something special.